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Switchable PDLC Glass

Switchable PDLC Glass is the final product after lamination with smart PDLC film. It fully inherits the advantages of laminated glass and the function of Switchable PDLC film.
•  PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) Glass is an electrically switchable film that is laminated between 2 glass panels.
•  With the flick of a switch, you can turn the Smart Glass from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque).
•  In its opaque state, the film acts as an electronic blind providing privacy and security for any glass, window, or partition.
•  Custom shapes and sizes are available, and multiple pieces can be joined together to create large glazed panels or partitions.

Product Details

Smart Switchable PDLC Glass is a kind of high-grade laminating glass, by sandwiching the PDLC film between 2 glass layers, then the laminated smart glass could change from transparency to opacity in an instant by switching with electricity power. When power is on the PDLC glass becomes transparent, when power is off the PDLC glass becomes opaque.

Product Structure

Switchable PDLC Glass Structure

Working Principle

Smart PDLC film(Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Film) is an interlayer film in the middle of Switchable PDLC Glass. When there is no electric field(Power off), the Liquid Crystal Molecules inside are scattered irregularly, so the incident light will disperse and can not pass through, and the PDLC film appears Opaque(Milky White). When there is an electric field(Power on), the Liquid Crystal Molecules are arranged in an orderly manner, so the incident light passes through freely, and the PDLC film appears Transparent(Clear state).

Product Technical Sheet

Item Description Parameters
Product function Power on status: Transparent
Power off status: Opaque
Light Transmission (Parallel light) ON >83%
OFF <1%
Visible Light Transmission ON >85%
OFF >55%
Visual Angle >150°
UV Blocking OFF >99% /ON >99%
IR Blocking OFF >85% /ON >40%
Haze OFF >90% /ON <5%
Operating Voltage 60V AC
Frequencies 50 to 60Hz
Current 100mA/m2
Response Time ON → OFF: 40ms
OFF → ON: 10ms
Power Consumption POWER ON:5W/m2/hr
Operating Temperature -30°C ~76°C
Storage Temperature -45°C ~100°C/120°C (3H)
Service Life Around 10 years (Power on)
Glass Thickness 4+4,5+5,6+6,8+8,10+10,12+12 (mm)
Maximum size 1.8m*3.6m
Package Wooden case

Product Advantage

Our Smart PDLC Glass is developed using an advanced technology glass production process, with optimum quality, and passed various technical tests. The glass combined with “PDLC Film” is no longer a simple glass, but a new material of intelligence, green energy, privacy control, projection display, security, and energy-saving in real life.

  • Privacy on Demand: With a simple ON-OFF mode switch, you can turn the glass into opaque to protect your privacy. And turn into transparent to extended viewing space.
  • Projection Display: Switchable PDLC glass can work as a projection screen when the glass is in opaque status. It can even work as an interactive screen if integrate with a touch frame system.
  • Sound Insulation: Smart glass is a kind of laminated glass lamination with EVA film and PDLC film in the middle, it can act as a sound insulator, effectively insulating any noise from disturbing.
  • Green Energy: Smart glass is not just for privacy or sunblock, but it also rejects up to 98% UV rays and 80% infrared to keep your room temperature lower and in turn save you energy.
  • Security and safe: Smart glass is laminated glass, when broken, it doesn’t splinter or create jagged shards that hurt people. Even though the glass is broken, they are still bonding together.
  • Flexible Control: Smart glass can be controlled by a normal switch, touch switch, remote control, voice control, smartphone control, etc. It also can be integrated into your smart home system.

Product control and wiring

Smart PDLC Glass can be controlled by a normal switch, touch switch, remote control, voice control, smartphone control, etc. It also can be integrated into your smart home system to control.

Product Application

– Common application

•  Residential – bathroom/shower enclosures, partitions
•  Commercial – conference rooms, office doors/partitions, reception
•  Retail – changing rooms, projection displays
•  Healthcare – ICU Doors, Nurseries, ERs, ORs, clinic partitions
•  Hospitality – bathroom /shower enclosures, partitions
•  Banking – ballistic teller lines, transaction windows, safe deposit rooms

– Projection and touchscreen application

When Switchable PDLC Glass is in opaque status, it can work as a good rear Projection Screen. Equipped the PDLC Glass with a Rear Projector & Infrared touch frame, will function with Touch Screen Capability, is a revolutionary product that lets you present ideas in a new way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which countries and regions in the world do you supply?
A: We supply all over the world, generally we sell and ship directly from China to all over the world.
Q2: Can Switchable PDLC Glass be used only indoors?
A: Currently, our switchable PDLC glass is primarily used for indoor applications such as partition walls and windows. Its lifespan may be reduced when used outdoors. Generally, the lifespan of PDLC glass for indoor use is more than 15 years, while for outdoor use, it is expected to be around 5 years. However, if combined with low emissivity (LOW E) coating and insulated glass, it can extend the lifespan to some extent.
Q3: Can PDLC glass be drilled or cut?
A: Once switchable PDLC glass is fully assembled, it cannot be drilled or cut further. Our PDLC glass is laminated glass made of tempered glass and PDLC film. The characteristics of tempered glass prevent any subsequent drilling or cutting. If you need to dig holes or cut, you need to let us know when you place the order so that we can process it in advance.
Q4: What are the types of PDLC glass?
A: PDLC glass comes in sheet, or panel forms for various applications, here are some types of smart PDLC products:
Standard PDLC Smart Glass: These are the standard switchable PDLC glass panels that can transition between transparent and opaque states. They can be used to create switchable privacy partitions in offices, hotels, or other spaces. These partitions provide the flexibility to switch between transparent and opaque states, enabling privacy or an open layout as needed.
Pattern PDLC Glass: Pattern PDLC glass is designed with specific patterns or designs embedded within the glass. When the PDLC film is switched to the transparent or opaque state, the patterns become visible, offering a unique aesthetic appeal.
Smart Blinds PDLC Glass: Smart Blinds PDLC Glass is made by sandwiching the Smart Blinds PDLC film between two glass panels. The Smart Blinds PDLC film uses the same technology as the regular PDLC film but with a difference. The regular PDLC film is a complete piece of film connected to electricity directly, while the Smart Blinds PDLC film is laser cut the ITO coating into different sections, with each section being connected to electricity separately. This enables individual control of each section’s power on/off, which allows the film to have a smart blinds effect when used with a special controller.
PDLC Low-E Smart Glass: This type of PDLC glass incorporates a low-emissivity coating that helps to minimize heat transfer and improve energy efficiency. It provides both switchable functionality and thermal insulation properties.
PDLC One-Way Mirror Glass: PDLC glass can be designed as a one-way mirror, allowing visibility from one side while appearing as a mirror from the other side. This type of glass is often used for privacy and surveillance applications.
PDLC Double-Glazed Glass: Double-glazed PDLC glass consists of two or three glass panels with a PDLC film sandwiched between them. This design provides enhanced insulation, noise reduction, and energy efficiency.
PDLC Triple-Insulated Glass: Similar to double-glazed glass, PDLC triple-insulated glass includes three or four glass panels with PDLC film interlayers. It offers even higher levels of insulation, soundproofing, and energy efficiency compared to double-glazed glass.
PDLC Switchable Projection Glass: This type of PDLC glass serves as a projection surface when in the opaque state, allowing high-quality projection of images and videos. It can be used in various multimedia and display applications.
PDLC Interactive Glass: PDLC interactive glass incorporates touch-sensitive technology, enabling it to function as an interactive display or touchscreen surface. It provides an engaging and interactive experience for various applications such as retail, museums, and exhibitions.
Q5: What are the control methods of PDLC glass?
A: There are several control methods available for PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) glass. Here are some common control methods:
Switch/Button Control:
PDLC glass can be controlled using a simple on/off switch or button. This method is commonly used for small-scale applications or standalone installations.
Remote Control:
PDLC glass can be operated using a handheld remote control device. The remote allows users to switch the glass between transparent and opaque states from a distance.
Dimmer control:
Dimmer control allows users to adjust the opacity level of the glass, providing varying degrees of privacy and light transmission. By using a dimmer switch or control device, users can precisely control the transparency of the PDLC glass, allowing for customized levels of privacy and light control in different settings. Dimmer control is particularly useful in applications where variable privacy or lighting conditions are desired, such as conference rooms, medical facilities, or residential spaces.
Timer/Schedule Control:
PDLC glass can be programmed with timers or schedules to switch between transparent and opaque states at predefined times. This is useful for applications where specific privacy or lighting requirements need to be met automatically.
Smart Home Automation:
PDLC glass can be integrated into a smart home automation system, allowing control through mobile apps or voice commands. This enables users to manage the glass state along with other automated features in their homes.
Switch/Button Control:
PDLC glass can be controlled using a simple on/off switch or button. This method is commonly used for small-scale applications or standalone installations.
Q6: Can we install this product ourselves?
A: Absolutely! The installation process for this product is quite straightforward, similar to that of ordinary glass. It only requires an additional step of connecting the wires. If you don’t have experience in installing ordinary glass, we recommend hiring a local glazier who can assist you with the installation process.
Q7: What color options are available for Switchable PDLC Glass?
A: We offer a range of colors for Switchable PDLC Glass, including white, light grey, dark grey, pink, green, blue, and more. You can choose the color that suits your preference. Please note that some colors may have a minimum order quantity requirement.
Q8: Can PDLC glass be installed in humid areas like bathrooms?
A: PDLC glass can indeed be installed on bathroom glass. We have numerous projects where PDLC glass has been installed in hotel bathrooms. When installing PDLC glass in humid areas, proper insulation is essential. Typically, the edges of the PDLC glass are sealed and insulated using non-acid glass silicone sealant to ensure long-term stability and prevent any issues from arising.
Q9: How long does it take to manufacture the switchable PDLC glass?
A: The production lead time for switchable PDLC glass is typically around 10 working days, but it may vary based on the dimensions and quantities required. To obtain a quote and a more accurate estimate of the lead time, please provide us with the information regarding the size and quantities needed.
Q10: How is the PDLC glass product shipped?
A: When it comes to switchable PDLC glass, we usually package it securely in wooden cases and ship it by sea to the nearest seaport based on your location. Please inform us of the specific port you prefer for shipping, and we will provide you with the shipping freight details. Alternatively, it is possible to ship by air, but please note that the shipping cost will be considerably higher.

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