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How to order smart glass?

How to Order?

Confuses about how to place an order, you can see the full procedure here.

1. Get in Touch

Send us the measurement and quantity you need and talk with our sales to have a better understand about our products.

2. Confirm the Quote

We will give you offer according to your request, you need to confirm the offer and make payment.

3. Manufacture

The average production lead time for smart film is about 5days, and for laminated smart glass is about 12days depends on the size and quantity.

4. Delivery

We arrange shipping smart film to your door by express(Such as DHL, Fedex, UPS etc.) and shipping smart glass by sea to sea port near you.

5. Installation

We have detail instruction to guide you how to install, and if needed we can even send technician to guide you the installation at site.

Essential Details for Accurate Smart Glass Quotes: A Buyer's Guid

In order to get the most accurate smart glass/film quote, you should provide us with detailed information about your specific requirements. Here’s a list of key details you should provide:


What product are you interested in?

Specify the type of smart glass product you need. This can include options like Switchable PDLC Glass or Adhesive PDLC film.

Switchable PDLC Glassis a kind of high-grade laminating glass, by sandwiching the PDLC film between 2 glass layers, then the laminated smart glass could change from transparency to opacity in an instant by switching with electricity power. It is ideal for new projects and builds where the glass can be replaced. Because it is very strong, laminated smart glass is more suitable for buildings located where there is a risk for hurricanes, or as extra security for companies at high risk for break-ins.
Self-adhesive PDLC smart filmis an improved product from the non-adhesive PDLC film, by adding a self-cling adhesive layer on the rear side of the normal PDLC film, then the film has a self-adhesive function. The film can stick directly to existing glass, which provides a simple and cost-effective alternative to retrofit the existing glass into switchable PDLC glass. It’s ideal for projects where the glass can’t be replaced, such as renovation projects or office retrofits.

Is your project new or existing construction?

For new construction or remodel projectsIt is advisable to opt for adhesive PDLC film when dealing with smaller quantities to keep costs in check. In the case of larger quantities, consider PDLC smart glass to have Better Durability and More energy-efficient.
For existing construction or renovation projectsAdhesive PDLC film products are recommended for their practicality and ease of installation.

To aid in your decision-making process, we invite you to explore our comprehensive pros and cons comparison article available at this link: The pros and cons between switchable pdlc glass and self adhesive pdlc film


Confirm the Application:

Describe the intended application for the smart glass. Is it for windows, doors, partitions, projection screens, or another purpose? The application can impact the type of smart glass and any additional features required.


Confirm Size and Dimensions:

Provide the exact dimensions of the smart glass panels you require. Include measurements for both width and height. Provide detailed dimensions of the glass panel(each glass panel needs one film to stick on it if ordering film product). If can provide a drawing like below, it’s better(optional).

drawing with dimensions

Confirm Cabling and Wiring:

Explain how the smart glass will be wired, as this may affect the type of glass and installation method. For instance, to confirm which side to put the bus-bar(wiring), we suggest the bus-bar (wiring connection) on the top side of the glass panel.

Standard busbar position as belows.

Confirm Power Supply and Control System

– Choose the type of power supply
  • If only need to power on/off with wall panel and remote control, choose the standard on/off mode adapter.
  • If need dimmer control the transparency, choose the dimmer adapter.
  • If need to control through mobile phone, choose the dimmer adapter that integrated wifi module.
– How many glass panel connect to one power supply
  • Need one power supply to power all PDLC glass/film and control them on/off together?
  • Or the glass panels divide into several section group and control on/off separately?
Normally we supply different watt power supply to power different quantity PDLC product, as follow:
  • 50 Watt  (Maximum Power 5 Square meter film)   
  • 100 Watt (Maximum Power 10 Square meter film)  
  • 200 Watt (Maximum Power 20 Square meter film)
  • 300 Watt (Maximum Power 30 Square meter film) 



By providing all these details, you enable us to give you the most accurate quote tailored to your specific needs. The more information you can provide, the more accurate our estimate will be. Start the process and get a quote now!

PDLC Glass Office Partition

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