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Dimmer Control Power Adapter

The Dimmer control power adapter not only have all the function that standard ON-OFF mode transformer adapter has, but also can dimmer control the transparency of the smart film or smart glass with a knob wall switch panel or the remote controller.
•  Applicability: On/Off or Dimming capabilities suitable for various smart PDLC films or smart glass.
•  Operability: Wall switch panel, remote control, RS485 protocol control, and smartphone control available.
•  Diversified control: Can be connected with a smart home or central control system through RS485 communication protocol.
•  Safety: Weak current control, the wall switch panel is not afraid of leakage and electric shock in humid places.

Product Details

Our switchable PDLC film and switchable PDLC glass are working on voltage 60V AC. So will need a transformer adapter to change the voltage from 220V/110V AC down to 60V AC. The Dimmer Power Adapter can be controlled by a wall switch and the remote control at the same time, offer you a convenient way to control your smart glass, and the RS485 communication protocol can offer you control by your smart home system. Now it can also be equipped with an APP control module, so you can control it with your smartphone if needed.

The Dimmer control power adapter can change the voltage from 0V AC to 60V AC, so the smart glass will turn from Opaque- Translucent- Transparent, so you can dimmer control the smart glass transparency. You can see below drawing to better understand why the smart film transparency can be adjusted.

regular type pdlc film


Product Specification

Input Voltage AC 220V/110V, 50HZ/60HZ, Sine Wave
Output Voltage AC 0V ~ AC 60V
Power watt type 50Watt, 100Watt, 200Watt(Maximum power 20 square meter smart film)
Control Way Manual Switch, Remote Controller and RS 485 System(Three ways)
Connect Materials Ethernet Cable, RF: 433MHz
Protective Function Short circuit protection, Overload protection
Display Indicator LED Light (Red light: Malfunction; Green light: Functioning)
Dimension (L*H*W): 11*7*14cm(50W, 100W); 12*8*16cm(200W)


Wire connection instruction:


Dimmer Adapter Control Ways Display

Now we show you a video about how our Smart Film dimmer adapter can control the Smart Glass

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