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Our Feature PDLC Products

Currently, we can supply both switchable PDLC glass and PDLC film products, including Switchable PDLC glass, Regular PDLC smart film(for lamination), and Self-adhesive PDLC film(for sticking on glass).

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Regular PDLC film (non-adhesive)

Regular PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) Film is electrical switchable film that Liquid Crystal Polymers are laminated in between 2 layer ITO films. This PDLC film is non-adhesive and needs to be sandwich laminated between two-layer glass panels to make it into switchable PDLC glass.

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Self-adhesive PDLC film

When the regular PDLC film combine with a self-adhesive layer, the self- adhesive PDLC film is made. Self- adhesive PDLC film can be stuck on glass surfaces directly, and is ideal for retrofitting existing normal glass into switchable smart glass easily.

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Switchable PDLC Glass

Switchable PDLC Glass consists of two or more glass layers with a regular PDLC film sandwiched lamination in between. The PDLC film is bonded to the glass layers with EVA film as adhesion using a glass lamination process. When power is on it becomes transparent, when power is off it becomes opaque.

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