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With the flick of a switch, SMART PDLC GLASS turns from opaque to transparent. Smart PDLC Glass are dimmable and allow end-users to control the level of privacy that they desire at any given time.

Why Choose Smart PDLC Glass?

PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) switchable glass is a type of smart glass that can change from transparent to opaque with the application of an electric current. PDLC switchable glass offers several benefits, including:

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Our Feature PDLC Products

Currently, we can supply both switchable PDLC glass and PDLC film products, including Switchable PDLC glass, Regular PDLC smart film(for lamination), and Self-adhesive PDLC film(for sticking on glass).

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Regular PDLC film (non-adhesive)

Regular PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) Film is electrical switchable film that Liquid Crystal Polymers are laminated in between 2 layer ITO films. This PDLC film is non-adhesive and needs to be sandwich laminated between two-layer glass panels to make it into switchable PDLC glass.

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Self-adhesive PDLC film

When the regular PDLC film combine with a self-adhesive layer, the self- adhesive PDLC film is made. Self- adhesive PDLC film can be stuck on glass surfaces directly, and is ideal for retrofitting existing normal glass into switchable smart glass easily.

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Switchable PDLC Glass

Switchable PDLC Glass consists of two glass layers with a regular PDLC film sandwiched lamination in between. The PDLC film is bonded to the glass layers with EVA film as adhesion using a glass lamination process. When power is on it becomes transparent, when power is off it becomes opaque.

Product Applications

Switchable PDLC glass/film has wide range of application, can be used in hotels, offices, banks, villas, private clubs, control rooms etc.

Business office

Bring you a easy-control space. Improving enterprise image, security and privacy. Creating a high elegant business atmosphere.

Hotel shower room

Application in hotel shower room, it is enhancing delight & joy of life, and building elegant & romantic atmosphere for the guests.

Medical institution

As the replacement of curtain, privacy-protection would be achieved. Eliminating worries for both healthcare workers and patients.


Application in banks, when meeting robberies, the glass could protect personal and property safety by losing gangsters’ target instantly.

What Our Customer Says

We take pride in the positive feedback we receive from our customers, and are committed to continually providing them with the best products and services possible.

Lucia Galindo

Product Manager

“I am extremely satisfied with the performance of the pdlc glass product I recently purchased. The switchable technology has proved to be a game-changer for my privacy needs. The ability to change the glass from transparent to opaque has allowed me to have privacy when needed, without compromising the natural light flow. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a versatile and effective solution to their privacy needs.


“I recently installed pdlc glass in my office conference room, and it has completely transformed the space. The ability to switch the glass from transparent to opaque has allowed us to have private meetings without worrying about anyone seeing inside. The installation process was quick and easy, and the glass looks sleek and modern.”

Milan Mikov

Sales Manager

Emilio Hernandez


“I purchased pdlc glass for my home windows, and it has exceeded my expectations. Not only does it provide privacy, but it also helps regulate the temperature and block out UV rays. I love the fact that I can enjoy natural light without sacrificing my privacy or comfort.”


“Switchable pdlc glass is the perfect solution for our office partitions. We can easily switch the glass from transparent to opaque when we need privacy, and it has allowed us to create a more flexible workspace. Our clients are always impressed by the technology, and it has helped us stand out in our industry.”

Witek Wlazel

Vice President

How to Order?

Confuses about how to place an order, you can see the full procedure here.

1. Get in Touch

Send us the measurement and quantity you need and talk with our sales to have a better understand about our products.

2. Confirm the Quote

We will give you offer according to your request, you need to confirm the offer and make payment.

3. Manufacture

The average production lead time for smart film is about 5days, and for laminated smart glass is about 12days depends on the size and quantity.

4. Delivery

We arrange shipping smart film to your door by express(Such as DHL, Fedex, UPS etc.) and shipping smart glass by sea to sea port near you.

5. Installation

We have detail instruction to guide you how to install, and if needed we can even send technician to guide you the installation at site.


Most frequent questions about smart PDLC glass products

PDLC stands for Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal. PDLC glass is a type of smart glass that changes from opaque to transparent when an electrical charge is applied.

PDLC glass provides privacy, light control, energy savings, and UV protection. It also offers a modern and elegant aesthetic. It can also be used for projection screens and advertising displays.

PDLC glass can be manufactured in curved shapes, but the radius of curvature should be greater than 500 millimeters.

Yes, PDLC glass can be used as an alternative to blinds or curtains, providing both privacy and light control. However it cannot totally blackout the light.

PDLC glass is energy efficient because it can be controlled to let in or block out light and heat, reducing the need for artificial lighting and heating or cooling.

PDLC glass can last for up to 20 years with proper maintenance and care.

Normally needs 7-15 days for PDLC glass production and 3-7 days for PDLC film production. depends on the required glass/film dimensions and quantities

PDLC glass contains liquid crystals that are dispersed in a polymer matrix. When an electric charge is applied, the liquid crystals align and allow light to pass through, making the glass transparent.

PDLC glass typically changes from opaque to transparent in less than a second.

Yes, PDLC glass can be used in bathroom, but need to use glass silicone sealant to seal the glass edge, to totally isolate it from water, as it can be damaged by water if water go inside.

PDLC glass panels can be manufactured in sizes up to 2 meters wide by 6 meters tall.

PDLC glass is installed like any other glass panel, using a frame or mounting system. It can be used in windows, doors, partitions, and other applications.

PDLC glass can be tinted or colored by using different color EVA film or PVB film lamination, then can have different color PDLC Glass.

PDLC glass is safe when installed properly and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is shatter-resistant and can be laminated for added safety.

PDLC glass is used in windows, doors, partitions, skylights, and other architectural applications. It is also used in automotive and aircraft windows, as well as in electronic displays and projection screens.

PDLC glass is primarily used for interior applications. However, it can be used for exterior applications with additional protective layers to withstand harsh weather conditions.

PDLC glass can provide some degree of sound insulation, but it is not as effective as specialized acoustic glass.

The normal thickness of PDLC glass is typically 10-12 millimeters. The thicker one can be made as customer request.

Yes, PDLC glass can be cleaned like regular glass using a soft, lint-free cloth and a mild glass cleaner.

The cost of PDLC glass varies depending on the size, thickness, and complexity of the installation. It is generally more expensive than conventional glass.

PDLC glass can be controlled remotely using a switch, a smartphone app, or a home automation system.

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