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How is smart blind PDLC glass made?

What is smart blind PDLC Glass?

Smart Blinds PDLC Glass is made by sandwiching the Smart Blinds PDLC film between two glass panels. The Smart Blinds PDLC film uses the same technology as the regular PDLC film, but with a difference. The regular PDLC film is a complete piece of film connected to electricity directly, while the Smart Blinds PDLC film is laser cut the ITO coating into different sections, with each section being connected to electricity separately. This enables individual control of each section’s power on/off, which allows the film to have a smart blinds effect when used with a special controller.

The comparing of normal type PDLC film and smart blinds PDLC film

Smart blinds design and actual effect

With the help of a special smart blinds controller, we can achieve the smart blinds effect as follow:

Smart blind PDLC glass advantage

  1. There are no traces on the edges when the blinds change. It looks like a whole piece of glass without a fragmented feeling and has a good visual effect.
  2. The position and size of the blinds can be freely designed, providing users with more diverse choices.
  3. The effect of the blinds can be fixed or constantly changing, which can be used for display and is more eye-catching.
  4. Things with a sense of technology always attract more people’s interest.
New Arrival Smart Blinds PDLC Glass
Smart Blinds Glass Sample Displaying

Office partition application

Prince Plaza Louvres smart glass for curtain wall
Smart blinds glass application in curtain wall

Some level-up application



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