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The pros and cons between switchable pdlc glass and self adhesive pdlc film

Switchable PDLC glass and self-adhesive PDLC film are two popular materials used for privacy and smart glass applications. Both of these materials have their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages, which make them suitable for different types of projects. In this comparison, we will take a closer look at the pros and cons of each material, helping to guide you toward the best option for your specific needs.

Switchable PDLC Glass

Switchable PDLC glass in batch


Better Durability: Switchable PDLC glass is more durable than self-adhesive PDLC film because it has two layers of tempered glass on both sides to protect the inner PDLC film from being damaged and scratched.

Better optical quality: Switchable PDLC glass offers better optical quality and clarity compared to self-adhesive PDLC film, which may suffer from distortion or haze due to the adhesive.

Easier installation for professionals: Switchable PDLC glass can be installed more easily than self-adhesive PDLC film for professionals, as it comes in pre-fabricated panels that can be simply attached to the frame.

More energy-efficient: Switchable PDLC glass provides better insulation and noise reduction than self-adhesive smart film, making it more energy-efficient and comfortable.


More expensive: Switchable PDLC glass is generally more expensive than self-adhesive PDLC film. Also, it is much heavier than PDLC film, which increases shipping freight.

Requires professional installation: Switchable PDLC glass requires professional installation, which can add to the overall cost of the project.

Not easily removable: Switchable PDLC glass is not easily removable once installed, which can limit flexibility for future modifications or renovations.

Longer lead time: Switchable PDLC glass needs a longer lead time in production(normally needs 7-15 days) and delivery than self-adhesive smart film, which can delay the project schedule.

PDLC Smart Glass testing in factory
Better durabilityMore expensive
Better optical qualityRequires professional installation
Easier installation for professionalsNot easily removable
More energy-efficientLonger lead time
Switchable PDLC Glass Pros and Cons

Self-Adhesive PDLC Film

Sheet size PDLC film with cables


Cost-effective: Self-adhesive PDLC film is generally more affordable than switchable PDLC glass, making it a more budget-friendly option.

Easy to install: Self-adhesive PDLC film can be installed without professional assistance, saving on installation costs.

Removable: Self-adhesive PDLC film is easily removable, which can allow for more flexibility in future modifications or renovations.

Shorter lead time: Self-adhesive PDLC film needs a shorter lead time in production and shipping, normally needing 3-7 days for production and 5-7 days for shipping by air, which can better meet the project schedule.


Limited durability: Self-adhesive PDLC film is less durable than switchable PDLC glass, especially in high-traffic areas, which need to avoid collisions with scratches.

Limited UV resistance: Self-adhesive PDLC film may have limited UV resistance, which can cause it to discolor or deteriorate over time if exposed to direct sunlight or UV radiation.

Limited soundproofing: Self-adhesive PDLC film may have limited soundproofing capabilities, which can be a disadvantage in applications where noise reduction is important.

Limited customization: Self-adhesive PDLC film may be limited in terms of customization options, and may not be suitable for certain shapes or sizes like smart blind or smart patterned glass applications.

Effortless Installation: 3 Steps to Apply Self-Adhesive PDLC Film to Existing Windows
Cost-effectiveLimited durability
Easy to installLimited UV resistance
RemovableLimited soundproofing
Shorter lead timeLimited customization
Self-Adhesive PDLC Film Pros and Cons

Conclusion about the above pros and cons

In conclusion, both switchable PDLC glass and self-adhesive PDLC film have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Switchable PDLC glass offers better durability, optical quality, and more energy-efficient, but it is more expensive, requires professional installation, and may not be easily removable. On the other hand, self-adhesive PDLC film is more cost-effective, easy to install, and removable, but it may have limited durability and limited UV resistance, and limited soundproofing. Ultimately, the choice between these two options will depend on individual needs, preferences, and budget.



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