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6 Channels Control Power Adapter

The 6 Channels Control Power Adapter can power maximum of 6 smart glass panels on/off together or separately one by one. You can also turn it into auto display mode, then the 6 glass panels will automatically turn the glass on or off one by one, no need to manually control it.
•  Applicability: Maximum 6 outputs, allowing independent control over multiple glass panels.
•  Operability: Can operate through wall switch panel, remote control, RS485 protocol control
•  Flexibility: For more than 6 channels, this power supply can be cascaded into 12, or 18 channels.
•  Diversified control: Support RS485 communication protocol, which can be connected with a smart home or central control system.

Product Details

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Multichannel display


Our switchable PDLC film and switchable PDLC glass are working on voltage 60V AC. So will need a transformer adapter to change the voltage from 220V/110V AC down to 60V AC. The 6 Channels Control Power Adapter can offer you to control maximum of 6 smart glass panels independently. You can turn all 6 channels power on or power off together, or separately. It can be controlled by a wall switch and the remote control at the same time, offer you a convenient way to control your smart glass, and the RS485 communication protocol can offer you control by your smart home system.

Product Specification

Input Voltage AC220V/110V, 50HZ/60HZ, Sine Wave
Output Voltage AC 60V
Power watt type 100Watt, 200Watt(Maximum power 20 square meters smart film)
Maximum control channel Maximum control 6 sections separately, and can control on/off together.
Control Way Manual Switch, Remote Controller(Two ways)
Connect Materials Cable, RF: 433MHz
Protective Function Short circuit protection
Display Indicator LED Light
Dimension (L*H*W): 11*7*14cm(100W); 12*8*16cm(200W)


Wiring instruction

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