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Self Adhesive PDLC Film

Self-adhesive PDLC film is manufactured with a self-adhesive cling layer on the rear side, peel off the protective layer and stick to the existing glass directly, then retrofit your existing glass into switchable PDLC glass in easy. When power is on it becomes transparent, when power is off it becomes opaque.
•  Adhesive PDLC film is an electrical film that can be applied to existing glass or windows directly.
•  Lower cost option to change your glass into the switchable PDLC glass and installation is simple.
•  With the flick of a switch, you can turn the Self-adhesive PDLC Film from clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque).
•  Custom shape and size is available, and can be cut with scissors and knife easily.

Product Details

Self-adhesive PDLC smart film is an improved product from the non-adhesive PDLC film, by adding a self-cling adhesive layer on the rear side of the normal PDLC film, then the film has a self-adhesive function. The film can stick directly to existing glass, which provides a simple and cost-effective alternative to retrofit the existing glass into switchable PDLC glass. When power is on it becomes transparent, when power is off it becomes opaque.

Working principle

Smart PDLC film(Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Film) is an interlayer film in the middle of Switchable PDLC Glass. When there is no electric field(Power off), the Liquid Crystal Molecules inside are scattered irregularly, so the incident light will disperse and can not pass through, and the PDLC film appears Opaque(Milky White). When there is an electric field(Power on), the Liquid Crystal Molecules are arranged in an orderly manner, so the incident light passes through freely, and the PDLC film appears Transparent(Clear state).

Supply Mode

We supply both customized cut-to-sheet size smart film and standard roll-size smart film to meet different clients’ requirements.

cut to sheet size with wiring
cut to sheet size with wiring
standard roll size without wiring
standard roll size without wiring

PDLC Smart Film Sample Testing

Product Technical Sheet

Item DescriptionParameters
Product FunctionPower on status: Transparent
Power off status: Opaque
Light Transmission (Parallel light)ON >85%
OFF <1%
Visible Light TransmissionON >86%
OFF >55%
Visual Angle>150°
UV BlockingOFF >99% /ON >99%
IR BlockingOFF >65% /ON >30%
HazeOFF >90% /ON < 5%
Operating Voltage48~60V AC
Frequencies50 to 60Hz
Response TimeON → OFF: 40ms
OFF → ON: 10ms
Power ConsumptionPOWER ON: 4W/m2/hr
Adhesive Film Peel Strength (KG)1.5-1.7KG
Operating Temperature-30°C ~76°C
Storage Temperature-45°C ~100°C/120°C (3H)
Service LifeAround 10 years (Power on)
Film Thickness0.5mm
Film Size in Roll1.2/1.5/1.8m*50m
Package size1.5/1.8/2.1m*0.4m*0.4m
Packing gross weight50KG/55KG/60KG

Product advantage

  • Easy Installation: Adhesive smart film does not require you to replace your windows and it can be cut to any size and retrofit onto any existing window or glass surface.
  • Privacy on Demand: You can turn the glass into opaque to protect your privacy. And turn into transparent to extended viewing space.
  • Energy Efficient: Smart film is not just for privacy or sunblock, but it also absorbs UV rays and reflects infrared to keep your room temperature lower and in turn save you energy.
  • Interactive Projection: Switchable film can work as a projection screen when the film is opaque. It can even work as an interactive screen if integrate with the touch frame system.
  • Multi-purpose Usage: You can use it on any glass surface – in the home, the office, or the shop front. Or anywhere else you can think of.
  • Flexible Control: Smart glass can be controlled by a normal switch, touch switch, remote control, voice control, smartphone control, etc. It also can be integrated into your smart home system.

Product control and wiring

Smart PDLC Glass can be controlled by a normal switch, touch switch, remote control, voice control, smartphone control, etc. It also can be integrated into your smart home system to control.

Adhesive smart film installation

– Take out the PDLC film
– Measure and re-check size
– Clean glass surface and edge
– Cut the film to shape if needed
– Attach the smart film, use a squeegee to remove bubbles
– Connect the wires
– Secure and hide wires in gaps
– Seal with black or white color glass silicone sealant to hide the wires
– Done, check the final project effects

Product Application

– Common application

•  Residential – bathroom/shower enclosures, partitions
•  Commercial – conference rooms, office doors/partitions, reception
•  Retail – changing rooms, projection displays
•  Healthcare – ICU Doors, Nurseries, ERs, ORs, clinic partitions
•  Hospitality – bathroom /shower enclosures, partitions
•  Banking – ballistic teller lines, transaction windows, safe deposit rooms

– Projection and touchscreen application

When Switchable PDLC Glass is in opaque status, it can work as a good rear Projection Screen. Equipped with the PDLC Glass with a Rear Projector & Infrared touch frame, will function with Touch Screen Capability, is a revolutionary product that lets you present ideas in a new way.

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