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Stretchable spiral cable for sliding and swing PDLC glass door wiring

retractable spring cable1200

The application of glass sliding doors and sliding doors is very common in homes, offices, and hotels. And if you want to use dimmable smart glass in this type of glass door, how to connect the wires is an issue that needs to be considered.

At present, the most commonly used and simple method is to use stretchable spiral cable(also call spiral telescopic wire or Telescopic Wire Spiral Cable). The advantage is that the wiring is simple, but the disadvantage is that the spiral wires are exposed and the appearance is not very good.

However, if the installation area can be covered by something, it is not a big problem. Such as Automatic doors like this can be covered after installation, so the impact is not big. The principle is as follows:

spiral cables drawing for sliding door s
spiral cable drawing for sliding doors

The corresponding video is as follows:

Auto sliding door with spiral wire connect to smart glass

If there is enough space in the sliding track, the spiral wire can be hidden into it to achieve a good appearance, as shown in the video below

Spring cable solutions for PDLC glass wiring connection - pdlcglass.com

If it cannot be hidden, the effect like the following is actually not bad;

sliding window application

Retractable spring cable for sliding window wiring

Three sliding windows connection display

Retractable Spring Cable for sliding window wiring



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