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Smart glass install Hangzhou Cross-broder Trading Town

Project Date: October, 2019
Project Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Installation Products: White color switchable smart glass
Installation Features: Switchable glass with Logo patter printed on the glass

This is a switchable smart glass projection we installed at Hangzhou Cross-border Trading Town, it’s for office partitions, and with the company logo printed on the glass, offers you a highly customized and branded feel.

cross broder trading town 1
Cross-border trading town 1
cross broder trading town 2
Cross-border trading town 2
cross broder trading town 3
cross border trading town 3
cross broder trading town 4
cross border trading town 4
cross broder trading town 5
cross border trading town 5
cross broder trading town 6
cross border trading town 6
cross broder trading town 7
cross border trading town 7
cross broder trading town 8
cross border trading town 8

Project Video Effect

Smart Glass for Cross broder Trading Town
cross border trading town smart glass application



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