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Shenzhen Prince Plaza-Louvres Smart glass

prince plaza louvres smart glass 1
Project Date: July, 2021
Project Location: Shenzhen Prince Plaza
Installation Products: Self-adhesive Louvres PDLC Film
Installation Features: Smart glass blinds film for curtain wall
prince plaza shenzhen
Prince plaza shenzhen
Looking at the diverse scenery through the adjustable blinds of dimmable glass is truly enchanting.
prince plaza louvres smart glass 1
prince plaza louvres smart glass 1
prince plaza louvres smart glass 2
prince plaza louvres smart glass 2

As night falls and city lights come to life, the entire city unveils the beginning of the night. Standing atop a tall building, I casually glance outside. Up close, the city is bustling with activity, and in the distance, the world over the sea is visible—all the vibrancy captured at a glance. The roads are filled with a bustling stream of cars, and ships come and go in the bay, creating a scene of constant movement. The myriad expressions of the world—this side of the view is truly exceptional.

In an instant, the stories of those coming and going play out freely in my thoughts. A mere sheet of glass separates two worlds, connecting them. Those interesting moments of old and new times silently interpret the splendor and hustle of the city.

After work or during leisurely moments, whether it’s after a cup of tea or a meal, looking through the adjustable blinds of dimmable glass, observing the world below from a high vantage point, is a kind of comfort.

prince plaza louvres smart glass 3
prince plaza louvres smart glass 3
prince plaza louvres smart glass 4
prince plaza louvres smart glass 4
Prince Square Shenzhen – Dimmable Glass Blinds
Prince Plaza Louvres smart glass for curtain wall
Shenzhen Prince Plaza-Smart Glass Blinds Effect

Prince Square in Shenzhen boasts a facade adorned with abundant glass, providing excellent natural light. However, at times, the sunlight can be too strong, causing some inconvenience. Many owners deal with this by using regular curtains or blinds to block the light. However, the owner of this project had a different idea. They used dimmable self-adhesive film with blinds-like variations, applied to the glass. This turned ordinary glass into dimmable glass blinds, effectively controlling excessive external light from entering the interior. Moreover, as needed, they could freely adjust the presentation of the blinds, adding a touch of elegance. Such invisible dimmable glass windows (partitions), compared to traditional blinds, offer simpler control, with an instantaneous transition between states, and a more pronounced sense of technology.



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