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Self-adhesive PDLC smart film office partition application project in Macedonia

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Project Date: April, 2019
Project Location: Skopje, Macedonia
Installation Products: Adhesive smart film for retrofit
Installation Features: Conference room partition and observation window application

We’re thrilled to announce the successful installation of our self-adhesive smart films in a large corporate office located in Skopje, Macedonia. The project involves the installation of 48 sheets of self-adhesive smart film, covering a total area of approximately 90 square meters. These will be divided and installed across five different sections within the company.

Package of the project order

All smart films are packed in 4 cartons, including one carton for power supply and accessories.

packing of 4 cartons
packing of 4 cartons

Client’s feedback

Our client is extremely pleased with our products. They shared a video with us after completing the installation of the first section.

video sharing from the client
Client’s feedback and video sharing

Project effects

Adhesive PDLC film Project in Macedonia

The conference room is adjacent to the workshop, features an observation window. Attendees can easily adjust privacy settings using a switch during meetings. Additionally, we have the ability to monitor the workshop’s conditions and remotely turn the window into transparent with a simple click.



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