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PDLC Smart Tint film to retrofit a shop window in Milano, Italy

external windows front
Project Date: March, 2024
Project Location: MILANO 20156, ITALY
Installation Products: Adhesive Smart PDLC Film
Installation Features: Apply PDLC smart film to existing shop window to control privacy

This is a recap of an adhesive smart film project in Milano, Italy. In which the client ordered the self-adhesive PDLC film, and did a DIY installation with the help of his 3 friends, and had a perfect result.

According to the client’s description, through this installation, they have mastered the installation and bubble removal skills well. And they also gave us some suggestions and tips for us to better improve our installation tutorial.

The client sent an inquiry on our website

inquiry with dimensions and drawing
Inquiry with dimensions and drawing

Confirm the final dimensions

external windows
external windows
panel final revision
panel final revision

Project effects after installation

after installation on
after installation(Power on)
after installation off
after installation(Power off)



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