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How to Install Self-Adhesive PDLC Film at the Waistline of a Glass Partition

smart switchable film project singapore (2)

In light of specific design preferences, the customer seeks a unique approach to the installation of self-adhesive PDLC film. Rather than applying the film across the entire expanse of the glass, the intention is to confine it to the central segment, creating a distinctive and visually appealing design element.

This is no problem for ordinary glass film installation, but for self-adhesive PDLC film, because it needs to be powered on to work normally, the wiring problem must be considered at this time.

frosted film glass in partitionings
Normal frosted film glass in partitionings

Consequently, careful consideration must be given to the wiring arrangement in order to seamlessly integrate the power source and maintain aesthetic coherence. This presents a minor yet significant aspect to contemplate within the context of the installation process.

Received client’s design with size:

Receive the customer’s size and drawings, and give wiring suggestions according to their environment.

client provide dimension and design
The client provides dimension and design
we provide wiring suggestion
Provide wiring suggestions to the client

Use transparent cable for connection:

Use transparent wires to hide in the gap between the two pieces of glass, and then use glass glue to seal and fix them.

transparent invisible cable in gap
Transparent invisible cable in the gap

The wires can be hidden, but the electrode-conductive copper foil cannot. It is recommended to use some white glue strips or tapes to cover them for a better look.

pdlc film with busbar copper
PDLC film with busbar copper

Project example effects:

After installation, the effect is as follows:

Self adhesive PDLC Film install at half height of glass partition - pdlcglass.com

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