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Clever Wiring Solutions: Installing PDLC Glass and Film on Your Sliding Glass Door

power transfer sliding door track details 1200

Smart PDLC glass technology, also known as switchable glass or privacy PDLC glass, offers an elegant solution to the limitations of traditional glass doors. With smart PDLC glass and film, you can enjoy privacy when you need it while basking in natural light, whether the glass is clear or frosted. This makes them versatile options for both interior and exterior glass doors.

Conventional solid doors provide privacy but create a permanent visual barrier, which can make spaces feel smaller and darker. On the other hand, glass doors offer an open and bright ambiance but often lack privacy. It can be a challenge to add curtains or blinds to glass doors without compromising their sleek and modern look. Smart glass and film can be seamlessly integrated into various door types, including standard swing doors, sliding doors, and even frameless doors.

Switchable PDLC Glass and Film technology require a power source, so one crucial consideration when installing them on doors is the wiring. At PdlcGlass, we offer a range of innovative wiring solutions tailored to different types of doors and desired aesthetics. This is why architects, contractors, and interior designers prefer collaborating with us.

Keep reading below to learn about our clever wiring solutions for installing smart PDLC glass and film on the sliding glass door.

Wiring solutions for sliding doors include:

  1. Custom conductive sliding door track
  2. Retractable Spring Cable
  3. Retractable Cable Box
  4. Tappet Contacts

1. Custom conductive sliding door track

power transfer sliding door track details 1200
Power transfer sliding door track details

If it’s a newly designed and newly installed sliding door, custom conductive door tracks can be considered for a more aesthetically pleasing installation. However, if it’s a retrofit with self-adhesive PDLC film application for the door glass, this solution is not applicable because it would require a complete overhaul of the entire sliding door system.

Sliding door conductive tracks for Switchable PDLC Glass -pdlcglass.com
Application of Dimmable PDLC Glass in 8 Panel Automatic Sliding Doors - pdlcglass.com

2. Retractable Spring Cable

retractable spring cable1200
Retractable spring cable

Both framed and frameless glass sliding doors can consider spring wire connections, suitable for the installation of 1-2 doors or windows, but less practical for installations involving 3 or more panels.

spiral cables drawing for sliding door s
Spiral cable drawing for sliding doors
Spring cable solutions for PDLC glass wiring connection - pdlcglass.com

3. Retractable Cable Box

retractable cable box
Retractable cable box

The retractable cable box, with cables automatically rolling into the box, is a good solution to ensure that you always have the correct cable ready to go. It also keeps your sliding door cable free for a nice clean look.

Stretch wire box
Retractable Cable Box For PDLC Glass Sliding Door - pdlcglass.com

4. Tappet Contacts

tappet contacts touch device s
Tappet contacts touch devices

If you only need to power the door when it is closed or open status. Then the Tappet Contacts(electrical connectors) are a good choice, which makes the possibility to switch from clear to opaque glass when the door slides are at open or closed status.

tappet contacts installation for pdlc glass wiring connection s
Tappet contacts installation for pdlc glass wiring connections

In conclusion

Smart PDLC glass technology offers a sophisticated answer to the challenges posed by conventional glass doors. It seamlessly balances privacy and natural light, making it a versatile choice for both interior and exterior glass doors. While traditional doors can feel confining and dark, glass doors provide a spacious and well-lit atmosphere but often lack privacy.

However, when it comes to wiring solutions, careful consideration is necessary, particularly for sliding glass doors. At PdlcGlass, we offer a range of innovative wiring solutions tailored to different door types and aesthetic preferences.

For sliding doors, various options such as custom conductive sliding door tracks, retractable spring cables, retractable cable boxes, and tappet contacts are available, each offering unique advantages based on your specific needs and installation requirements. Whether you have one door or several panels to power, we have the right solution to ensure a clean, efficient, and stylish installation.



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