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How Switchable PDLC Glass Working as Projection Screen?

Switchable PDLC Glass is a type of laminated glass that features a PDLC film. When powered on, the glass becomes transparent, and when powered off, it becomes opaque. In its opaque state, it can function as a rear projection screen, enabling you to turn any glass surface into a projection screen. If you don’t have Switchable PDLC Glass already, you can opt to use self-adhesive PDLC film to attach it to the existing glass, easily converting it into switchable PDLC glass.

Switchable Glass Projection Screen with Touch Control

Rear Projection Theory

Regarding its projection theory, PDLC smart glass can be used as a projection surface for digital images and videos. When the glass is in the opaque state, it can act as a projection screen, and when the voltage is applied, it becomes transparent, allowing the viewer to see through the glass.

In other words, the projector is put behind the PDLC glass and the viewer is from the front side of the glass to see. The opaque state of the PDLC smart glass acts as a good projection screen, and the transparent state allows the viewer to see through the glass and also see the projected image on the other side of the glass. This makes it a popular choice for use in conference rooms, classrooms, and other spaces where privacy and projection capabilities are required.

smart film projection introduction #pdlcfilm #smartfilm - PdlcGlass

Smart PDLC film projection screen application introduction

An example of one rear projector

Following you will see a Switchable PDLC Glass project, in which the Glass works as a multimedia screen, through a rear projector, it can cast the image or video on the smart glass directly, then make the glass surface into a large display screen, it’s very fashionable.

Smart Glass Projection Screen for Annual Work Meeting
Step into the future of meetings with our Smart Glass Projection Screen!

An example of multiple rear projectors

Following you will see a Switchable PDLC Glass project, in which the Glass works as a display screen, with multiple rear projectors, they can cast the image or video on the smart PDLC glass directly, then make the glass surface into a large display screen, to show any image that you want.

multiple rear projectors set up
multiple rear projectors are set up to form a large display screen

Wide application range

With this function, the Switchable PDLC Glass can have a wide application range, it can be used in the following areas:

1. Glass Partitions for offices

With this function, you can simply convert your office glass into a cutting-edge projection screen, with no need to pull down a normal projection screen.

Office Smart Glass Partition Projection Screen
Transform your office with our Smart Glass Partition Projection Screen!

2. Home Theater Projection Screen

You can easily turn your Glass into a screen, to replace old-style TV screens, giving your home a modern look and feeling.

3. Advertising for Retailers Shop

With the projection function, you can turn your Glass Window into a display screen, when you need to do the advertising, you can show them in your own Glass Window Screen easily.

Smart Film turn Glass Window into a display screen!
Convert ordinary glass windows into dynamic display screens for captivating advertising

4. Other applications etc…



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